What Is This

LARIS is a software in the form of a browser extension that enhances the functionality of your LINE OA.

Our main feature is unlimited broadcasts that can reach all your followers on LINE OA.

This software also has many additional features that you can use to boost your usage.

How It Works

This software works side by side when you open LINE OA in your browser.

You just need to make sure to log in to your LINE OA account at https://chat.line.bizopen in new window and then this software will automatically integrate with your account and you can start using the features of this software.

Who Use This

Users of this software are mostly owners/admins of a business that markets its products or performs customer service through the LINE platform.

Why Use This

You must already know that if you use the original broadcast from LINE OA, then you can experience very expensive prices and monthly limits which are not very good for your business.

Our software offers VIP access prices that are more friendly to your budget and unlimited broadcasts on your subscription period. It doesn't matter if you have a few / many followers, the price remains the same and there is no limit.

Please see our price list for VIP access hereopen in new window